In partnership with Dassault Systems we are pleased to invite you for the live webinar “EMC/EMI TEST SIMULATION IN ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS” on October 13, 2021, at 14:00.

Electromagnetic compatibility is a well-regulated area. OEMs (and suppliers) are responsible for Compliance / Electromagnetic Compatibility, Reliability, Safety and Comfort of their products. Engineers have to design their electronics products such that they comply with regulations and standards. CST Studio Suite can help customers at different stages in their design phase, from components analysis to PCB’s, but also complete virtual products including housing.  Simulations will cut time-to-market and design cost by virtualization at an early phase in the design process through recognizing and eliminating potential problems in electrical systems.

This webinar discusses the challenges of EMC/EMI and explains how simulations can enhance your design process. It will be of interest to Engineers who are involved with electrical design, EMC compliance, or electromechanical design.

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