• CST STUDIO SUITE is a package of tools for designing, simulating and optimizing electromagnetic systems. It offers accurate, efficient computational solutions for electromagnetic design and analysis which helps you to validate the requirements and optimal performance of your RF & Microwave design and speeds up your design by getting things right the first time.  The integrated design environment gives access to the entire range of solver technologies, and system assembly and modeling (SAM) facilitates multi-physics and co-simulation workflows as well as the management of electromagnetic systems. Applications for CST include antenna design, antenna placement, EMC, particle dynamics, statics / low frequencies, optical design, signal integrity, BioEM, and RF IC design.
  • Modelthics is a leading-edge technology company that provides highly accurate, scalable measurement-based simulation models for all types of RF and microwave devices, as well as comprehensive RF and microwave measurement services. Modelithics models are compatible with popular EDA tools including Keysight ADS, NI AWR Design Environment (MWO), Keysight Genesys, ANSYS HFSS, and Sonnet Suites. The models capture parasitic effects of RF and MW components, and offer scalable design parameters, such as substrate scaling, pad scaling and part value scaling, plus adjustable input parameters such as bias and temperature for active device models. The advanced features provide for powerful design analysis capability, which increases simulation accuracy and helps lead to first pass design success. Through the Modelithics Vendor Partner Program (MVP), Modelithics collaborates with RF component and semiconductor device manufacturers by developing top quality models for their products.
  • IVCAD is a software solution for measurement, modeling, and vizualization of device characerization such as Pulsed-IV and S-Parameters, to Harmonic Load Pull, to Compact Transistor Models. It supports multiple load pull techniques including traditional load pull using external instrumentation, VNA-based load pull, active load pull and hybrid load pull. It performs DC-IV and pulsed-IV measurements and incorporates device modeling tools. Its modern visualization capabilities give users a greater ability to view, plot and graph measurement data in an intuitive manner.
  • IQSTAR speeds up your design cycle and standardize your testing procedures to increase efficiency even with different instruments from one setup to another. It is an advanced measurement software developed to perform efficient and accurate RF and Microwave Circuit Test Flow. It allows verification, analysis and tuning of RF Circuit (LNA, MPA, HPA, Filters). For linear conditions S-parameter measurements can be used to display different Figures of
    Merits in real time mode. For nonlinear conditions CW, Pulsed, 2-tones or modulated signals can be analyzed to evaluate different parameters (AM-AM, AM-PM, Gain Compression, IMD,VBW, ACPR, EVM,…)
  • VISION is an advanced RF circuit and system modeling solution for accurate RF & MW system design. Building RF systems which are designed to operate with wideband modulated signals, like 5G and RADAR, or with a large number of circuits, like active antennas, is challenging. Looking at the simulation accuracy, the limitation is always the quality of the model used by the simulator. Different memory effects can be observed in the behavior of circuits and yet the model does not include these characteristics.

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