HITECH represent the following Test & Measurement solutions:


  • Maury Microwave offers Measurement and Modeling Device Characterization Systems and Services including nonlinear passive, active and hybrid-active fundamental and harmonic load pull, non-50Ω X-Parameter modeling, pulsed IV Pulsed s-parameters and compact transistor modeling, and patent-pending ultra-fast/accurate noise parameters.


  • Kaelustest and measurement products are used in design, manufacturing and RF wireless solutions. Their Test and Measurement portfolio includes cable and antenna analyzers and PIM test equipment.


  • AMCAD BILT:  Is a dedicated Burn-In / Life-Test system for RF Power Transistors. This technology is typically used in transistor stress testing for reliability data generatio and quality control purposes in production environments. It is a highly integrated and cost effective solution and can manage a great number of devices under test for both IV and RF Power testing under flexible pulsed and CW test conditions. The system also offers the flexibility to run different tests on different technologies at the same time on the same bench as all the channels have dedicated stimulus and measurements systems.


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Maury Microwave