Our engineering team of RF & Microwave specialist experts can assist you with any challenges you have. Based on our +30 years of experience we understand your challenge, we identify possible solutions, and assist you with the implementation of the solution.


The following services are some examples where we can assist you:

  • Measuring Services of your RF IC’s such as load-pull, Noise, and Pulsed IV.
  • Root cause analyse of EMI / EMC challenges and design recommendations.
  • Simulation of electromagnetic properties of a RF design.
  • RF Layout review.
  • Antenna design, verification, and performance recommendation.
  • Radar system architecture, design, and component selection.
  • Radar and RF feasibility studies.
  • On-site training (i.e. RF, Antenna design, radar, load-pull)


Due to the flexibility of our organisation and pragmatic approach we are able to support you and speed up your product development at competitive prices .

Please contact us to share you challenge.