The differentiating features of the LLC-series bidirectional coupler include high power High directivity, the difference between coupling and isolation, enables highly-accurate measurements by isolating the direct and coupled measurement pathways. This is especially important in a calibrated system where changing coupler characteristics due to poor directivity can invalidate the calibration and result in erroneous measurements. Low insertion loss is critical for high-power applications in order to avoid […]

Werlatone’s digital in-line power meters combine the company’s heritage in directional couplers with an RMS power meter, integrated in a compact package for cost-effective monitoring of forward and reverse power. Werlatone has a wide range of Power Meters with various bandwidths up to 4 Ghz. ,  eliminating the need for dedicated and costly test equipment […]

Maury Microwave announces the release of its high-power low-loss pulsed bias tee product line, the MBT-series. The MBT-series of bias tees is based on Maury’s patented broadband capacitor (US Patent 9,614,267) which simultaneously enables the industry’s widest bandwidth, lowest insertion loss and lowest return loss in a coaxial bias tee up to 18 GHz. In […]

The interaction of electromagnetic fields and biological tissues is relevant in various technical applications. The design of medical equipment and treatment plans generally benefits greatly from simulation; additionally, simulation can give insight into living tissue where measurement is almost impossible. The electromagnetic and multiphysics solvers in CST® STUDIO SUITE® can be used to simulate and […]

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As the market and media hype around 5G continues to grow, there is a tacit acknowledgement that we have miles to go before 5G becomes a reality. Initial industry standards for 5G aren’t expected to be ratified until Summer 2018 at the earliest, and there are many regulatory issues and a myriad of technology challenges still to […]