ELECTROMAGNETICS BENELUX USERS DAY (E-BUD)-2022 on November 02, 2022 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands Presentations Attached you can find the presentations presented at the event. Please note we were not allowed to share some of the presentations so we can’t share those. Chris Caenen | Welcome Remarks | HI TECH Electronic Components B.V. Sreekar Ganti | […]

In partnership with Dassault Systems we are pleased to invite you for the live webinar EMC/EMI TEST SIMULATION IN ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS on October 13, 2021, at 14:00. Electromagnetic compatibility is a well-regulated area. OEMs (and suppliers) are responsible for Compliance / Electromagnetic Compatibility, Reliability, Safety and Comfort of their products. Engineers have to design their electronics […]

HI-TECH is certified by Dassault Systems as an EDUCATION PARTNER. This means that we can organize official trainings. Right now we are certified to offer the following trainings: – Introduction to CST – CST – Microwave & Antenna Please contact us if you would like to receive more information about these trainings, or if you […]

Mini Circuits has an extensive range RF&µ-Wave accessories, components and test & measurement solutions. In conjunction with the engineering team of Mini-Circuits we can offer turn-key, custom build RF-Solutions for Signal conditioning, routing and RF-measurement. We will provide superior service and technical support to Mini-Circuits customers in Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands. The products that […]

The differentiating features of the LLC-series bidirectional coupler include high power High directivity, the difference between coupling and isolation, enables highly-accurate measurements by isolating the direct and coupled measurement pathways. This is especially important in a calibrated system where changing coupler characteristics due to poor directivity can invalidate the calibration and result in erroneous measurements. Low insertion loss is critical for high-power applications in order to avoid […]

Werlatone’s digital in-line power meters combine the company’s heritage in directional couplers with an RMS power meter, integrated in a compact package for cost-effective monitoring of forward and reverse power. Werlatone has a wide range of Power Meters with various bandwidths up to 4 Ghz. ,  eliminating the need for dedicated and costly test equipment […]

Maury Microwave announces the release of its high-power low-loss pulsed bias tee product line, the MBT-series. The MBT-series of bias tees is based on Maury’s patented broadband capacitor (US Patent 9,614,267) which simultaneously enables the industry’s widest bandwidth, lowest insertion loss and lowest return loss in a coaxial bias tee up to 18 GHz. In […]

The interaction of electromagnetic fields and biological tissues is relevant in various technical applications. The design of medical equipment and treatment plans generally benefits greatly from simulation; additionally, simulation can give insight into living tissue where measurement is almost impossible. The electromagnetic and multiphysics solvers in CST® STUDIO SUITE® can be used to simulate and […]

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As the market and media hype around 5G continues to grow, there is a tacit acknowledgement that we have miles to go before 5G becomes a reality. Initial industry standards for 5G aren’t expected to be ratified until Summer 2018 at the earliest, and there are many regulatory issues and a myriad of technology challenges still to […]