New High-Power Low-Loss Pulsed Bias Tees from Maury Microwave

Maury Microwave announces the release of its high-power low-loss pulsed bias tee product line, the MBT-series.

The MBT-series of bias tees is based on Maury’s patented broadband capacitor (US Patent 9,614,267) which simultaneously enables the industry’s widest bandwidth, lowest insertion loss and lowest return loss in a coaxial bias tee up to 18 GHz. In addition, its unique design makes it ideal for pulsed applications, including pulsed IV and pulsed load pull characterization, without distorting the voltage and current waveforms.

Features include: high RF power handling, high breakdown voltage, high current handling, low insertion loss, excellent return loss, and pulsing capable.

More information regarding the MBT-Series High-Power Low-Loss Pulsed Bias Tee product line can be found here. or get in contact with our Sales Engineers.