Maury Microwave LLC-Series Low Loss Couplers

The LLC-series of bidirectional airline couplers represents a breakthrough in high-power coupler technology. Combining precision machining with stellar electrical characteristics, LLC-series couplers offer unmatched performance.

The differentiating features of the LLC-series bidirectional coupler include high power

High directivity, the difference between coupling and isolation, enables highly-accurate measurements by isolating the direct and coupled measurement pathways. This is especially important in a calibrated system where changing coupler characteristics due to poor directivity can invalidate the calibration and result in erroneous measurements. Low insertion loss is critical for high-power applications in order to avoid power loss and eliminate drift due to heating. Compared with microstrip couplers that suffer losses and self-heating due to metal resistivity and dielectric permittivity, LLC-series airline couplers have no added dielectric.

When used as part of a vector-receiver load pull setup, low insertion loss directly maximizes tuning range when combined with an impedance tuner. The broadband nature of the coupler allows it to be used for wideband applications.

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