Innovations in medicine and bio-electromagnetic

The interaction of electromagnetic fields and biological tissues is relevant in various technical applications. The design of medical equipment and treatment plans generally benefits greatly from simulation; additionally, simulation can give insight into living tissue where measurement is almost impossible.

The electromagnetic and multiphysics solvers in CST® STUDIO SUITE® can be used to simulate and optimize the performance of devices from the earliest stages of the design process with fewer expensive prototypes, and to analyze field exposure, specific absorption rate (SAR) and heating caused by the interaction with fields in the body.

The accurate simulation of EM propagation within the body requires accurate models of both the complex anatomical structure and of the tissue properties, which typically vary with age and are frequency and temperature dependent. CST offers both voxel-based and CAD-based body models representing a range of ages, sizes and sexes, as well as a material library with the properties of many different tissue types.

Principal Engineer and Market Coordinator for bio-EM, Tilmann Wittig shares some of the medical and bio-electromagnetic innovations he is most interested in right now. Read on to see how EM simulation can help develop solutions for cancer treatment and detection, diabetes, head injuries, and more.